Authenticity and culture in Rayong

Why is Rayong called “The authentic Thailand”?

By In Buy Property in Thailand, Rayong, Rayong in numbers On February 10, 2016

Welcome to Rayon

Welcome to Rayong, the authentic Thailand


Rayong is the second-most visited holiday destination in Thailand with around 5 million tourists per year. Only Phuket has slightly more visitors.

The reason Rayong is still called “The Authentic Thailand” can be found in some of the underlying figures.

The vast majority of visitors to Rayong are Thais, who come from other parts of Thailand. Foreign tourists only count for a fraction of the visitors, and even though this number goes up year by year, there’s still a long way before coming even close to other holiday destinations like Phuket, where foreign tourists has the majority.

On top of that over 650,000 Thais live in Rayong Province, and therefore foreigners will never be a dominating factor. In other destinations like Pattaya, Hua Hin and Phuket there are far fewer local residents, and therefore the high percentage of foreigners clearly influence the culture, not to mention the prices in general. This will never happen in Rayong.

Rayong will remain a place with mostly Thais, and that ensures authenticity!

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