Location and photos of the area

A perfect location along a 10 km long white sandy beach

We have two main locations along the beach road

Tiffani Beach Condominium &
Sea Sand Sun Beach Condominium

  • Located next to each other 300 meters from the beach
  • Sea Sand Sun with fully renovated apartments:
    • Affordable prices, various apartment sizes
    • Big pool and pool area
    • Jacuzzi, massage, small restaurant
  • Tiffani Beach Condominium to open in 2018:
    • New luxury apartments, 9 different types
    • Big pool garden with all facilities

Location facts:

  • Mae Ramphueng Beach is 10 km long
  • Located 5 km from Rayong city
  • 170 km (2 hours) from Suvarnabhumi Bangkok Airport
  • 190 km (2.5 hours) from Bangkok city center
  • 70 km (1 hour) from Pattaya
  • 2 km from Koh Samet island (right off the coast)

The VIP Chain Resort

VIP Chain Resort Map RAW ver 2

VIP Chain Resort:

  • A quiet resort area for families and seniors
  • Located right at the beach road
  • Houses and apartments in various sizes
  • Thai/Western restaurant and pool bar
  • Several pools and big Jacuzzi
  • Spa and Massage healthcare center
  • Tennis court and Mini golf
  • Reception and main office

Projects in VIP Chain Resort:

  • Oasis Garden: Lovely houses around a big shared pool garden
  • Tropicana Villa: Family houses with private garden and optional pool
  • Thai Pool Villa: Top of the line luxury family houses with big pool garden
  • Tropical Beach: Luxury apartments with big slide doors into the living room
  • Beach House: Luxury pool houses inside the gate very close to the beach

Our houses and apartments
– for rent or for sale


Mae Rampeung beach
– 10 km long sandy beach


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