Attractions and activities in Rayong

30 attractions and activities in Rayong

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This is the most complete list of attractions and activities in and around Rayong. Please feel free to ask us for any further information at [email protected]



Rayong has 174 km coastline. The five best beaches are:

  • Laem Charoen Beach in Rayong city
  • Mae Ramphung Beach 7 km outside Rayong city (photo)
    All our projects are located along this 10 km long beach.
  • Mae Phim Beach
  • Suan Son Beach
  • Kens Beach
Mae Ramphung Beach in Rayong Thailan4



There are many small beautiful islands outside Rayong. Here you can go snorkeling or diving, enjoy the beaches and go swimming, and enjoy the unspoiled nature and local culture.

  • Koh Samet
  • Koh Kudi
  • Koh Mum
  • Koh Talu
  • Koh Chang (good for scuba diving)

Prices: Ot’s only around 100 Baht for the ferry to Koh Samet. You can hire a speedboat to the other islands for around 3,500 to 6,500 Baht for a boat that can carry from 5 to 20 people depending on price and size. If you share in a group, you can go on a cheap day on the water.

Koh Samet from bird's eye view in Rayong


National Parks

The local national park is called Khao Laem Ya and is located on the island Koh Samet. It’s an area of around one square km. There are mountains covered with forests right down to the beautiful beaches.

Prices: Take the ferry from the town of Ban Phe to Koh Samet for around 100 Baht, but access is easier from the sea, so rent a speedboat for a more convenient trip. A speedboat costs from 3,500 to 6,500 depending on size and number of seats.

Khao Laem Ya på Koh Samet - natur park


Water falls and nature

Khao Chamao water fall or Namtok Khao Chamao water fall is found around one km before Khao Chamao – Khao Wong National Park. The water is crystal clear and the fall covers seven stages or a three kilometer stretch. It’s near the center of the park. It’s about 65 km from Mae Rampheung Beach, or one hour by car.

Administration Khao Wong National Park
Opening hours  8:00 am – 17:00 pm.
Contact +66 3802 0510, +66 3889 4378
Khao Chamao Vandfald



Khao Wong cave is inside a mountain at a steep rock covered with trees. You can also find exotic plants like Dracaena loureiri and Malayan trees. Inside Khao Wong you will find more than 80 lime stone caves. It’s located around 65 km from Mae Rampheung Beach, around one hour by car.

Administration Khao Wong National Park
Opening hours 8:00 am – 17:00 pm.
Contact +663802 0510, +66 3889 4378
Khao Wong Cave


Historic Wat Pa Pradu

Rayong has had a great influence on Thai history, because the people took part in saving the kingdom today known as Thailand. The temple is located in the center of Rayong city, just 10 minutes from Mae Rampheung Beach. The giant statue is in memory of the king Taksin back in 1767.

Opening hours 6:00 am – 21:00 pm.
Wat Pa Pradu - minde for Taksin


The Park Adventure Land

An eco-nature attraction with an area of 2,000 rai. The Park Adventure Land has fruit plantages, rubber tree gardens, Rusa farms, water streams and attractions. It’s surrounded by mountains perfect for activities like bicycling, rowing, swimming – or just go for a long walk.

It’s about 40 minutes by car from Mae Rampheung Beach.

The Park Adventure Land


Rayong Aquarium

In the small fishing town of Ban Phe near the end of Mae Rampheung Beach Road you will find Rayong Aquarium with lots of different kinds of fish. It also features an underwater walkway. Perfect for a family trip.

Price: 30 Baht per person



The longest zip line in Asia

This used to be the longest zip line i Asia, and it maybe still is with its 3 km of lines going down through the jungle on the hillsides. It’s only a fre kilometers from Mae Rampheung Beach, or just around 10 minutes by car.

A thrilling but perfectly safe adventure for anyone not scared of heights.

Asiens længeste svævebane i Rayong


Golfing in Rayong

Golfing is cheap in Rayong compared to other locations in Thailand. A PSC membership of 2,900 Baht gives access to 20 courts. The green fee is around 500 Baht.

Here are some of the most famous golf clubs:

Century Golf and Country Club
Sukhumvit Rd., Banchang District, Rayong 21130
Tel.: 66 3860 5054, 66 3863 5073

Eastern Star Country Club Rayong
214/5 Moo 3 Banchang-Had Pla Rd., Banchang District, Rayong 21130
Tel.: 66 3863 0410-2
Fax: 66 3863 0418-9

Great Lake Golf and Country Club
Tambon Mab yang porn, Pluakdang District, Rayong 21140
Tel.: 66 3862 2630

Rayong Green Valley Country Club
23 Moo 8 Banchang-Yaira Rd., Banchang District, Rayong 21130
Tel.: 66 3889 3833
Fax: 66 3889 3845

St.Andrews 2000 Golf Country Club
9/36 Moo 7 Banchang-Yaira Rd., Banchang District, Rayong 21130
Tel.: 66 3889 3838
Fax: 66 3889 3845

Wangchan Golf Park
129 Moo 6 Wangchan District, Rayong 21210
Tel.: 66 2276 9072-4
Fax: 66 2276 9070

Siam country club tæt ved Rayong



Rayong has plenty of shopping locations, and prices are generally lower that in other tourist destinations. Here are a few examples:

  • Central Department Store Rayong – super modern, opened in 2015
  • Laemtong – giant shopping center in Rayong city
  • Big C super store – both in Laemtong and on highway 3
  • Tesco Lotus – in the center of Rayong city
  • Macro – big shopping center, mostly food, on highway 3
  • Petri – a small local mini mart selling products from Scandinavia.
  • Lokal Thai markets – in Rayong city, in Ban Phe town and at the fruit market in Tapong you will fint authentic local shopping
laemtong rayong


Floating fruit market in Rayong

Koh Kloi market is a fantastic place in Rayong located at the highway to Bangkok, road number 3. It’s a floating market built in an antique style.

Opening hours 10:00 – 21:00
flydende frugtmarked i rayong


Sunthon Phu Monument - Poet

A statue of Sunthorn Phu Phra Chedi Klang Nam, who was a very popular local poet.

Around 45 minutes by car from Mae Rampheung Beach in direction Klaeng and Trat. Combine this historic attraction with some of the other attractions on the way.

Sunthon Phu Monument Poet


Local fishermen - Ban Kon Ao

At the beginning of Mae Rampheung Beach you will find local fishermen and see the traditional way of fishing in Thailand. The location is called Ban Kon Ao.

Ban Kon Ao ved Mae Ramphung Beach


The prinsess's garden

This garden was created in celebration of HRH Princess Sirindhorn. It’s a paradise for knowledge with a collection of 260 groups of rare natural medicine plants and 20 categories of old medical journals.

Located on highway 3 to Bangkok.

Opening hours 08:30 – 16:30
Contact +66 3891 5213 – 5
Herb Garden of Princess Sirindhorn


Ecological fruit plantation

19 km from Mae Rampheung Beach you will find this big ecological fruit plantation.

Opening hours 08:00 – 17:00
Price 400 Baht
Contact +66 3889 2048 – 9
Fruit plantation n Rayong, Suppatra Land


Lotus crystal factory

Crystal products are made in Rayong in very good quality. The Lotus Crystal factory is open for guests every day from 08:00 to 17:00.

You will find a huge selection og home made crystal bowls, vases, trophies etc. Every single piece is 100% handmade.

You will find it in the Nikompattana District around Sukhumvit in Rayong city. It’s around 25 minutes from Mae Rampheung Beach.

Lotus crystal fabrik


The oldest temple in Rayong

The temple is located in the Tha Pra Du area and is Rayong’s oldest temple. It was built in 1464 by Tim, the governor of Rayong during the the Ayutthaya period. There are valuable paintings by local artists in this amazing old temple. Open every day from 08:00 to 17:00.

Around 20 minutes from Mae Rampheung Beach in the old part of Rayong city.

Rayongs ældste tempel Wat Khodtimtaram


Nature reserve

Suan Wang Kaew is a nature reserve 17 kilometers from Mae Rampheung Beach in direction Klaeng. This reserve has been used in a number of Thai movies because of its amazing nature scenery with forests with the ocean in the background

Entrance is just 10 Baht.

Suan Wang Kaew


The biggest temple in Rayong

The biggest temple is located in the city of Klaeng and was built in 1944. It’s not only the biggest in Rayong, but one of the finest in the eastern part of the country. It has been used as a model for many other temples in Thailand, but none of them as big as this temple.

It’s around 25 minutes by car from Mae Rampheung Beach.

Wat Saranat Thammaram i rayong


International food

International food is available in many Thai restaurants and in various restaurants in the modern shopping malls, where you will find the well known chain restaurants like Burger King, Mc Donald’s, Starbucks, etc. But if you want to taste international food at its best, the following places can be recommended:

  • The California Steak Restaurant at Kameo House in the center of Rayong
  • Laemtong shopping mall – here you will find many fine restaurants
  • Mariott Hotel
The California Steak Restaurant at Kameo House in he center of Rayong


Seafood restaurants

If you haven’t visited a seafood restaurant, then you haven’t really been in Rayong. It’s Thailand’s biggest fishing port, and therefore you can find unique seafood restaurants. The following are known as some of the best:

  • The first restaurant on Mae Rampheung Beach Road in direction Rayong  city
  • Laem Charoen seafood restaurant at the harbour in Rayong
  • The first restaurant at the sea in Ban Phe
Laem charoen seafood restaurant i Rayong


Water parks

Only a few kilometers from Mae Rampheung Beach you will find a small water park named Tamnanpar. It’s only about five minutes from the beach road. Bring the kids!

Prices around 150 to 350 Baht

En del af vandparken i Tamnanpar. Noget af en udfordring


Jungle restaurant

The most spectacular restaurant in the area is Tamnanpar Jungle Restaurant. When walking into the restaurant, you walk through a small jungle with birds and fish and small streams.

The restaurant itself covers a big jungle area, where you sit under trees with a fantastic view of beautiful lights in the trees around you and an amazing scenery with a lake and a mountain in the background. The food is excellent as well, and not overpriced at all.

Remember to take a walk in the restaurant jungle area before you leave. There’s even a small cave. It’s just 5 km from Rampheung Beach, or just a few minutes by car.

tamnanapar restaurant


Strawberry Land with activities

Strawberry Land is a fairly new attraction in Rayong focused on “sky riding” on a bicycle attached to cables. You will also find boats, small villages etc.

It’s located around 25 km from Mae Rampheung Beach, or 35 minutes by car at road number 3139 going inland.

Såfremt man gerne vil have en afveksling i badeferien kan det anfales en tur forbi bowling i Rayong. Det koster kun 100 baht i timen.




The big shopping malls all offer excellent bowling. Combine it with lunch or dinner in one of the many good restaurants in the malls.

Bowling i Rayong


The cinema

Rayong has several fully modern cinemas showing all the latest movies. Some movies are dubbed in Thai, while others are with the original sound track. Make sure you pick the right show.

The movie theaters are located in the big shopping malls like Laemtong Mall and Central Department Store.

In general, Thai movie theaters are beautifully decorated and with very powerful audio. Right before the movie begins a short video is shown to pay respect to His Majesty the King, and all visitors will stand up while the video is showing. This is a remarkable experience in itself and shows Thai culture at its heart.

sf cinema city rayong


Spa and Massage

In Thailand you can get massage everywhere, but many smaller places don’t have staff with a real education in massage. If you aren’t so picky, then you can even get a nice massage right on the beach.

If you want a more professional experience, maybe combined with spa and other treatments, then visit Apsara Spa and Massage located inside the VIP Chain Resort on Mae Rampeung Beach Road. It’s a 2-storey house with its own lovely garden and swimming pool, and there is a big selection of treatments. It is highly recommended.

VIP Chain Resort Rayong 00005


Mini golf

In the VIP Chain Resort on Mae Rampheung Beach Road you will find the only mini golf lane in the area. It’s open every day from 08:00 to 21:00. It’s situated right next to the club house with a big pool, a pool bar and a great restaurant serving both Thai and western food.

A great idea for a lovely afternoon/evening activity.

VIP Chain Resort Rayong 00002


Rent boats, motorcyclesm ATVs, canoes, speedboats etc

In the VIP Chain Resort and in the Sea Sand Sun Beach Condominium on Mae Rampheung Beach Road you can ask at the reception counter if you want to rent any form of transportation.

Safety first! Make sure you have or rent the right safety gear if you want to go out on your own. Let our staff advice you. And as with cars, don’t mix drinking and driving no matter what kind of vehicle you are controlling.

Perfect and uncrowded beaches in Rayong

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